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The Long Count:

By Julia Borcherts

Boxing is becoming fashionable again across the country, thanks to the positive media attention surrounding the Jack Johnson biography, NBC's newest reality show, The Contender , and Clint Eastwood's Million Dollar Baby . But, in Chicago, it's not the hype and glitz that has kept the city's rich pugilistic history alive. The "City of Big Shoulders" has always been known for its neighborhoods, its roots, and its blue-collar work ethic. And no sport better exemplifies these virtues than boxing......
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The Warrior Poster

photographs by David Loew © copyright 2009

use of these photographs by permission only

I did not know Francisco Rodriguez well but I did meet him and photographed many of his fights.  He was a talented fighter, was very well liked in the Chicago boxing community and he will be missed. I will continue looking for photographs and post at David Loew Photrophy.

David Loew

francisco rodriguez

Wilton Hilario D Juan Carlos Martinez PTS 8/8


Summer Sizzle at the Congress Theater July 13, 2007 For results and more photos click here

June 29th R Kelly congradulates "Fearless" Fernando Hernandez after 8 round split decision. For more photos click here

June 1, 2007 Bloody Friday
8 Count at the Cicero Stadium for results and more photos click here

In a bloody 10 round bout Freddy Hernandez wins a baffling UD over Ben Tackie

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May 11, 2007
8 Count at the Cicero Stadtium for results and more photos click here

April 20, 2007
8 Count presents Judgement Day
  at the   Cicero Stadium

photographs by David Loew © copyright 2007

April 13,2007
8 count presents Resurrection
at the Cicero Stadium 1909 S. Laramie Ave
Cicero, Il

March 16, 2007
results for
8count at the Cicero Stadium

Six-Division World Champion, "The Golden Boy" Oscar De La Hoya and undefeated Four-Division World Champion "Pretty Boy" Floyd Mayweather faced off at the UIC Pavilion to announce the upcoming fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas May 5, 2007.

For more photos click here.

Pictured above are 2 of the 3 returning Chicago based National Champion winners from the recent 2007 National Silver Gloves Tournament that was held in Independence, MO.
The National Silver Gloves tournament is for boys in 3 age groups 10-11 , 12-13 and 14-15 years old.
Above are 12-13 year old champions Kenney Simms Jr.,  85 lbs. with his dad and coach, Ken Simms Sr. who represent the Destroyer Boxing club, and Khaled Almousa, two - time returning 106 lb  champion with his coach, Scottsdale Park's Rick Fornuto.
Not pictured is Tracy Rollins who was the third champ at 156 lbs. and 14-15 year old winner.


February 16, 2007
February Fury at the Cicero Stadium

Christmas Brawl
December 22, 2006

December Fury
December 1, 2006

Cicero Stadium
Novemberr 11, 2006

October Fury
Cicero Stadium
October 20, 2006


Articles by By Michael Cassell

King Brings undefeated 7-foot, 325-poundRussian Giant to Chicago !

August 25,2006
8count at The Argon


June 16,2006
8count presents "DESTINY" at Cicero Stadium

Tommy Zbikowski walks into the ring for the last time as an amatuer at the Aragon Ballroom ROCK AND BOX, a benefit for cystic fibrosis. For photos and results click here.

8 Count Production Presents War by the Shore at the Aragon Ballroom for results and photos click here.

Windy City KO Presents Cinco de Mayo at the Cicero Stadium For results and photos click here.

Eight Count presents "Lightning Strikes " at the Cicero Stadium,
for photos and results click here

Lamon Brewter Updated click here

March 17, 2006 St. Patricks Day Boxing at the Aragon Ballroom for phtos and results click here

Party at Joe's (a sports bar) in celebration of the first victory in the comeback campaign of Fres Oquendo - three-time world heavyweight boxing contender . Fres was there along with many friends and supporters.

"Friend of Fres," party at Joe's 940 Weed St. Chicago, Il for photos click here

A press conference was held at the Hacienda Tecalitlan Restaurant to promote the upcoming fight between Oscar De la Hoya and Ricardo Mayorga at the MGM Grand May 6 th.   As was expected there was some pre-fight drama between the two. Mayorga and De La Hoya traded insults and following a short scuffle, where both fighters had to be restrained, but we love a little spice in our Salsa.

Eight Count presents "Heart and Soul" at the Cicero Stadium,
for photos and results click here

A golden boy, hot chicks and exciting fights at the Cicero Stadium. For results and photographs click here


Jose Andres Hernandez takes it on the chin,
Damn that's got to hurt!


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